1917 Divinely Built. Divinely Ruled. 2009

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The Church of God Reformation had its beginning around 1880 in the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. D. S. Warner was credited for his significant role in its development. He taught Holiness, Salvation through redeeming grace of Jesus Christ and the unity of love in our fellowship with anyone who confessed Christ as Savior. Based on these principles this Movement’s message was launched and has affected the world at large. The Church of God Reformation Movement currently has over 7,000 churches and 768,000 members (of which 2,200/249,000 respectively within the United States & 264,000 members in Africa and the Islands). The central headquarter is located in Anderson, Indiana while our auxiliary office, National Association of the Church God, West Middlesex, Pennsylvania was founded in 1916.

The Church of God in Gary joined this movement in 1917, led by Ministers Henry L. Garrett, John L. Leonard, and Mrs. M. Etta Alexander, then pastor. Having had to meet in various facilities, our first storefront Church was incorporated and opened in 1920. Our rich heritage has prospered during the
years. We are not bound by strict creed but embrace the truth from the entire Bible through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in teaching and preaching God’s word. We stress Salvation, Sanctification, Divine healing of the whole person and forgiveness of sins by faith in Jesus Christ. Our forefathers challenged us to carry on the banner for Christ, to lift up Jesus Christ daily and to do all things to the Glory of God.

We have been blessed with growth and prosperity under the dedicated spiritual leadership of the following pastors at the locations listed below:



1945 Washington Street

2108 Adams Street
2101 Washington Street
134 E. 43rd Avenue

M. Etta Alexander

Raymond S. Jackson
Milton H. Hill, (1933)

Harry B. Mitchell, (until 1958)
James A. Anderson

Harold E. Harrison, (until 1995)
Robert McClure Jr., (until 2014)
Jacquelyn Drago-Hunter, (until Feb 2022)







Because of a need for an improved facility, in March 1984, under the devoted leadership of Rev. Dr. Maurice Collins, Revs. Armstead Jamerson and Cleophus Naylor, we moved to our present location. Our current pastor, Rev. Dr. Robert McClure, Jr., was installed in 1997. He brought with him spiritual leadership while embracing the 21st century with commitment and enthusiasm for holistic ministries. With joy we continue to celebrate a rich heritage of over eighty-nine years, praying “May the Lord our God be with us as you were with our fathers. Amen”, (I Kings 8:57). We are a Family walking with God.