sunday-schoolWe are blessed that our Sunday School have increased in attendance over the last year, realizing serving breakfast is an effective ministry of invite. Parents can better make themselves available, knowing that nourishments are available.

As new members come aboard, for those who wish to be considered for future leadership roles in the Church or just want to do better, they have the opportunity to get the foundation on what First Church Believe in our Member’s Class (First lady, Sis. Shirley McClure, Instructor). Those who successfully complete the class are awarded a certificate of completion, and can move on to getting involve in Ministry. They now know who they are and why they are here, by living, pleasing God.
With this ever changing time, it is important to have something for everyone. The Young Adults & Men Classes have proved to be a blessing. Their approached is to focus on their student individual needs. Our regular Adult Class we have powerful lessons unfolded through universal consensus, using Urban Ministries resource materials, for which our instructor is affiliated with. We continued to have classes for all age groups, with emphasis on our young adults, men and pre-school angels. But we still need created methods to increase our attendance. It has been proven, those persons who has been students of Sunday school, if they stray, find their way back. God’s word says to train up a child and/or young a Christian in the way they should live, they less likely to depart from the principle of Christ (rev.).