youngadultWho are we?

We are First Church future. Because of the prayers, counsel, love, long suffering, patience, and shared wisdom of our church family, this is not withstanding, Pastor’s faith in us, we have come to realized our purpose, destiny, and challenges to serve and be active part of God’s Kingdom. We have learned the importance to be controlled by God’s Spirit and to minister to win others to Christ. Getting involved with other existing church ministries, attending Sunday School and Bible Study have given us opportunity to learn of God, and His purpose. With our first annual Young Adult Revival the speaker challenges us to live in Christ through the Holy Spirit. Our time is now. To encourage each other, the sisters minister to each other via conference prayer line. The brothers will soon get the hoop-up.

We have and will continue to support community outreach ministries, Vacation Bible School, Marriage Enrichment and Retreat. We are looking forward to continuous revival. If you keep praying for us, and we will do the same for you and watch God change things to His likeness. We are a family here at First Church.