Board of Christian Education


Board of Christian Education (BOCE) has the awesome responsibility to assure that God’s word is imparted to anyone who makes themselves available to receive it from a baby to senior adults. Jesus himself encouraged us to study to show ourselves approved, so we can effectively teach and instruct the truth of His Word.

It is wisdom to embrace ways of encourage individuals to participate in the ways of God, without compromising His message. Even Jesus fed the body so he can feed their souls.

So we decided to try it, it the Name of Jesus. Currently we have been serving SUNDAY BREAKFAST for over a year and half. Members of the board made a decision to volunteer and sponsor the breakfast food. The purpose of the breakfast is to encourage members (especially the youth) to come to Sunday school. The attendance has increased on Sundays by 30% for Sunday school as a result of the breakfast. The ministries sponsoring breakfast are WCG’s Women Ministry, Ministerial Staff, Young Adult Ministry, Sunday School Staff, and other Ministries also volunteer. We serve breakfast from 8:45 to 9:20 a.m.

As the 2009 year is on the horizon, we will continue our programs inclusive of Vacation Bible School, Bible Bowl, and Easter and Christmas programs.