mentoring-ministryWhy we have a Mentoring Ministry…

  • The Lord commands us to tell the next generation “Psalms 145:4, 48:13, 71:18, and 78:4.
  • Teaching what we’ve learned is the Lord’s plan for growth and maturity “ Titus 2:2-5.
  • Spiritual friendships are extremely valuable in a woman’s life – Proverbs 27:9 and 17.

Whether you are experiencing difficulty in your life or relationships or just want to enrich your relationship with Christ, this ministry is for you. A one-on-one mentoring ministry matches trained volunteer mentors with individuals for confidential, monthly mentoring sessions. You and your mentor will explore questions such as:

What causes me to feel stuck in my circumstances?
What can I do to experience victory in my life?
What can I do to experience victory in my life?
Why do I struggle with certain behaviors or emotions?
Can I find peace in the midst of life’s challenges?

Your mentor will lead you through a process of discovering why you are stuck in life by uncovering lies you believe about yourself, others, and God. You will develop an understanding of who you are in Christ. By understanding your identity in Christ, you will learn to live in freedom”

freedom to experience the Christian life as God intended.