Weekly Bread – May 15, 2016

Weekly Bread from the Pastor’s Table


             It was a bright Saturday morning and Billy and his friends decided to play a game of “baseball”.  The group chose two captains and each of the captains began to chose the players’ for their team.  Each captain attempted to chose players they knew were “strong” in the game and Billy found himself the last to be chosen.  He began to feel sad as he thought to himself “no one wants me on their team.”  Billy held back the tears and pretended it was ok.  As the game began Billy’s friend Mike, who was an excellent player asked, “What’s wrong Billy”?  Billy quietly told him how he felt and that no one really wanted to choose him.

Mike remembered his Sunday school lesson about the chosen people of God; how his Sunday School Teacher had told them they were royalty, a holy nation, and how special they were in the sight of the Lord.  He also remembered how his Sunday school teacher expressed the need for them to encourage others.  Mike began to tell his friend, “don’t worry, you are royal and special to God, and I think you are the best player of all… you’re my friend”.  Billy began to smile and hug his friend, as they called him to “batter-up”.  On his way to the home plate, Billy could hear his friend yelling…”Go Billy Go… you can do this!!!! “

We can all learn from “Billy and Mike” and their “baseball experience”.  We can learn to be observant of those around us and to care about the feelings of others.  We can learn to be encouragers… and we can learn to be friends.  Take time let others know they are “special” to God, and let others know you care!

Remember… A Friend Loves and encourages All the Time